Secure State Cyber

About the Company

We at Secure State Cyber have been specializing in information and cyber security since 2005. Our mission is to create security for everyone within the digital society. Through our expertise, we develop information security for companies, authorities and organizations, to ensure a safer digital community for all to participate. We provide comprehensive solutions for information and cyber security as well as individual services. We also have training, ready-made or tailored, digital or on-site, where we deliver the latest knowledge based of our experience in the field. Our customers and partners currently consist of major international companies in the private sector, as well as authorities, county councils, municipalities and defence agencies.

Our Experience and Compentence

Our staff are specialists in information security and come from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, consisting of higher educations in civil engineering, computer systems, law with specialty integrity protection, cognitive scientist, civil economist and computer networking. We are true believers that one should never stop learning and as such, we strive to up skill our consultants at every opportunity. Many of our consultants have personal certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC and more.

In addition to education, many of our consultants have experience in executive roles in large organizations in both the private and public sectors, such as defense, banking and finance, as well as in municipalities and county councils. The titles our consultants have previous held are information security manager, CIO, IT manager and the like. Our unique skills and experience are our valuable tools that we use to help our customers secure their businesses.

How we Work

We work to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements. We do this by operate in teams to ensure high quality in our deliveries and to avoid reliance on one key personnel. This is supplemented with our proven methods and modern tools that create sustainable results. This is reaffirmed by our internationally recognized certified business management system that includes international information security, quality, environment and occupational health and safety standards. Through our four certifications, we ensure customer satisfaction, sustainable services and secure management of our customers’ information.



Our Owners

“We wanted to create a consultant firm that we are proud to work for. A company founded on good values where consultants are committed and caring about both the customer and their colleagues.”

“We built the company to help organizations manage information security from a holistic perspective. We noticed companies struggling with this approach and focusing solely on technology. We want to change that!”

Our Future

We have been in the information security industry so long that we remember when information security was not a buzzword. This gives us a unique perspective as we have witness and navigated the digitization of information with many of our customers. This journey has seen us develop service packages that combine the human aspects, the legal framework and technology requirements. Our goal is to globally become one of the best and most respected specialists in the field of information and cyber security.

Our Leaders

Ulrika Nilsson, CEO


Sofia Larsson, Head of Human Resources

Jan Karlsson, Head of Services



Our Business Manager Canada

Andrew Stewart, Business Manager


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