Individual Services

Secure State offers certified cybersecurity services based on the customers needs and conditions. We help our customers to solve complex issues in a structured way throughout all stages of the cybersecurity process.

Please contact us to discuss any of these service in more depth.



Discover your strengths and weaknesses

We help your organisation to classify your information and assets, analyse where you are vulnerable and compare your current procedures against the laws and regulations.



Secure your organisation from all threats

We assist in implementing best practice security features, while also developing proper policy and procedure guidelines to support these features. To complete the package, we offer multiple security training programs targeted at all levels of employees.



Consistently scan for threats

We preform independent internal auditing and IT auditing based on internationally recognised standards. We also provide scanning features that continuously look for abnormalities in your internal systems and the external environment.



Neutralise the threat and patch the hole

We assist throughout the incident management process, starting from the initial response action through to the follow-up and recovery. This can include a security incident response team and a full investigation.




Restore operations and learn from the experience

We help you prioritise and return to normal operation. With the help of a business continuity plan and management review, your business will continue providing critical services in the event of an interruption.