Incident Management

Incident management is about preparing for how you will respond when your network has been infiltrated. In these moments, an organization must be able to act quickly and respond to the incident that threatens the business.

We help our customers with:


Being prepared for an incident is an extremely important part of systematic cyber security work. With good practices and experience, it is possible to shorten the time from the threats detection, to its resolution. Proper incident management means preparing for the worst and having recurring practice for the staff to enable them handling different types of incidents. We assist throughout the incident management process, by starting from the initial response action through to the follow-up and recovery.


Is a team composed of experts with the ability to manage the entire incident chain from the incedents discovery to normal operation. The team also investigates the incident in depth, collates information on the experience and produces supporting material for further improvements to avoid future incidents.

Incident Investigation

Do you suspect something is not right in your business? Secure State Cyber offers incident investigations aimed at companies that suspect irregularities or want to collect information about an unwanted event that has occurred. For example:

  • suspicions of violations against the company policy/information security rules
  • Internal information breached or leaked
  • Privileges have been abused
  • IT equipment has been misused

When an event has a negative impact on the business, we can help with a thorough investigation of the situation. We make an impartial assessment of the incident and its consequences in the short and long term. The investigation will result in a list of actions for both technical and process improvements which is communicated with all interested parties and any subsequent legal processes.