GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a mandatory requirement of all entities that handle personal information of EU citizens. Ensuring you are GDPR compliant requires both expert knowledge and time.

A team of legal experts in data privacy

We have a team of legal experts that are dedicated to GDPR and privacy law. This team helps our customers implement the policies, procedures, people and technology needed to comply with GDPR.

When we implement GDPR with our customers, you can expect that;

  • we provide you with access to our team of legal experts,
  • we will provide you support at every step of the way,
  • we provide you access to our professional tools and templates,
  • your GDPR implementation will be customised to meet your level of security and needs.

Provide solutions that are sustainable and customer focused

When assisting our customers through the implementation stage, we follow a tested and proved approach. Secure State Cyber ensures to provide its customers with services that are both sustainable, secure and do not hinder the business needs of the company.

As every organisation has a different risk appetite and threat landscape, every company requires a different level of security. By helping our customers take the proper steps of analyse, planning, implementing and checking; we are able to ensure the customer is left with the ability to handle all issues related to data privacy.

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