We all know that training employees with a single PowerPoint presentation does not enable an organization to effectively measure, monitor and manage cyber risk. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive, automated cybersecurity platform which covers awareness training, social engineering simulations, executive surveys and real time reporting mechanisms. It’s designed to make it faster, easier and less complex for organizations of all kinds and sizes to understand their cyber risk and to help them take actions to reduce that risk.

Our cloud-based solution evolves cybersecurity from an IT-centric and often reactive function to a strategic and proactive organizational performance indicator. Using a cross functional and human-centric approach to cyber risk will enable your organization to decrease the exposure of your people, data, intangible assets and intellectual property to the growing problem of cybercrime.

The Cyberawareness program will provide you:

  • Ongoing awareness training program
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Incident report and logging
  • Risk assessments and surveys
  • Reporting, segmented by teams and mapped to cybersecurity standards.

Key Features


The Cyberawareness tool comes preinstalled with educational material and prepacked with supplemental courses which can automatically be deployed to users after a real or simulated security incident. These includes course such as:

  • The World of Cybercrime
  • Social Engineering 101
  • Malware 101
  • Securing Yourself
  • Advanced Social Engineering
  • Malware In-Depth
  • Physical Security
  • Importance of IT Security Policy
  • Advanced Account Security
  • Preventing Data Breaches
  • Improper Use of IT
  • Device Loss

Our proprietary courses can be delivered automatically within the tool, or you can build your own custom courses with our editor or import SCORM 1.2 courses. In addition to these course offerings, the Cyberawareness tool also offers an annual refresher course designed to help experienced team members keep up to date on the latest threats and security best practices, without needlessly repeating past course content. All courses have a mandatory test after the education which need to be passed.

Is there a specific challenge your organization is facing? Let us help you build a custom course in our editor and deploy it to specific groups of people, entire divisions or the whole company.


The CyberAwareness Tool has a user-friendly incident logging tool allowing all users to log incidents which are than accessible to the security team for analyses. This allows the security team to better see threats and risk trends. The tool also has a built in Automated phishing simulations designed to test user knowledge after they’ve been trained on how to spot and avoid social engineering attacks. You can customize the phishing simulations to create a simulated spear phishing attack, contextual to your organization.

Using both the built-in incident logging and automated phishing simulation helps the security team identify potential human vulnerabilities, which will lead them further automate education and accountability for any the organizational members involved in the incidents.

Over 60% of employees we surveyed answered that they want to report attacks and help the organization. It’s important to create a workflow that enables reporting to be done in an easy and manageable way. Our Cyberawareness reporting tool makes it easy to have a location for employees to forward phishes or security incidents and reward them for being an active part of the defense. It closes an important education loop by immediately following up with users letting them know if the e-mail was a simulated attack or real.


By assigning surveys to the leadership team and the head of cybersecurity, organizations can gain insight into the different perceptions held within the organization and compare to the on the ground reality.

This interactive tool highlights areas of opportunity to begin reducing your cyber risk, categories them by risk factor and prioritizes them based on the knowledge of our security experts. For IT teams, it provides an easy way to prioritize upcoming projects, while providing visibility for management teams to understand the steps being taken to reduce risk


Insightful reports with metrics and key risk indicators that make it easy for managers, senior executives and boards to gauge cyber risk and organizational efforts to manage that risk.

By uses a proprietary algorithm, a holistic cyber risk score is calculated at the divisional and the organizational level. Security roles enable leadership teams to have access to the dashboarding and reporting featuresfor the division their responsible for. Based on the inputs they provide, we calculate a NIST Readiness score and map the self-assessments back to each of the sub-categories in NIST.


From the employee to the executives this tool provides visibility into human centric cyber risk by function, location and individual as well as accountability for remedial actions and behaviors to tangibly reduce your organization’s cyber risk.

Built with global organizations in mind, and knowing the impact the language barrier can have, our Cyberawareness tool has a multi-lingual framework to further make sure that our tool is as efficient as possible.


The tool is easy to deploy and completely scalable, leveraging our cloud architecture, with low administrative burdens on your IT or cybersecurity team. Integration with Office365, ADFS and SAML-based identity providers for single-sign on and automated user provisioning make it fast and easy for users to be onboarded with their existing organizational information.

Designed and written by security experts, the Cyberawareness tool’s out of the box content provides an excellent overview of the threat landscape and how employees can protect their organization.

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