Can your company withstand a Cyber-Attack? Are you responsible for the Information Security of a company but don’t know where to begin? Are you struggling to find funding to get the job done? Then try CyberScan!

Check Your Cybersecurity!

Cyberscan from Secure State Cyber highlights every weakness in your information security. Vulnerabilities can be processed based, outdated policies, or technology that needs upgrading. Either way, Cyberscan will find it. 

How Does it Work?

Cyberscan gathers information by interviewing your key personnel, by reviewing in detail your organization’s documentation and by performing technical testing and network scanning.

Cyberscan = Quick, Complete, Cost Effective

Actionable outcomes!

Cyberscan gives you a total assessment of your security state and more. Cyberscan provides you with a prioritized Action Plan. The Action Plan is designed to assist company executives in understanding the needs of the information security team. It also gives your information security team the high-value input they need to prioritise their work – and make your company safer.

A CyberScan will help you answer:

      • How do we measure up against best-practice?
      • How can we effectively respond to a data breach?
      • What is necessary to manage our risks?
      • What security controls do we need to improve?
      • Are we managing vulnerabilities effectively?

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